A Plea For Human Rights

(Kast, Horn-Bernges/Horn-Bernges, engl.: Mills)

Vers 1:

Look in the paper
Pathetic, childern surviving in hell
A starving face 
Starring off from the page
Don't we live in a terrible age

Vers 2

In every village
Far from the town
Feminin need are there to be found
That look of fear
Sets me all in a rage
I grow cold and turn over the page


A plea for human rights
Can we save them all in time
A plea for human rights
Can we help them to survive
It's among atrocity
To live in hell for all to see
What a human tragedy
Only death can set them free

Vers 3:

They cry for food
But how long will it take
We make a move
But our move is too late
What can we do
As we run out of time
Only pray for and end to this crime

Vers 4:

How can we live
With that death on our mind
What are we doing
In aid of mankind
I can't stand by
As they wither away
Let us stand up and save them today


A plea for human rights...

Nach Gehör aufgeschrieben von Kerstin Wilke

Aus dem Album "Time To Recover" (1985)

Die deutsche Originalversion dieses Titels heißt "Ich bin noch nicht soweit" und ist 1984 auf der LP (später CD) "Zeit für Rebellen" erschienen.