Give Me Love

(Kawohl, Björklund/Bischof)

Vers 1:

You treat me like a brother
What I need is a lover
How can I make it clear
What I want from you´
Yes, I missed the right moment
Should have struck without comment'
Girl, you have no idea
What I'm going through
Mentally we're united
But our bodies are not
Don't you think it's time for us to start


Ooh, give me love
I want love
Stop talking
We talked enough
Can't hold back
Much longer 
Trust me like a brother
But treat me like a man
Just a look of you could drive a man insane
Ooh, give me love
Stop talking now

Vers 2:

Loving you must be heaven
Come and let's make it happen
That would make our connection
Wide and complete
Why should we search for others
When we have one another
We got all what it takes to turn on the heat
Mentally we're united
Let our bodies take part
Yes, I think it's time for us to start

Refrain (Wdh, fade out):

Ooh, give me love...

Nach Gehör aufgeschrieben von Heide Pinkall

Die deutsche Originalversion dieses Titels heißt "Sie ist nicht du" und erschien 1987 auf der LP/CD "Durch tausend Feuer".