Heaven And Hell With Luisa

(Horn-Bernges, Carpendale/Horn-Bernges, engl.: Bischof)

Vers 1:

Since I have met you, Luisa
My life is all up side down
Sometimes you're cold as ice
An angel in disguise
Leaving me here with a frown

Vers 2:

But when you love me, Luisa
It's a trance of tenderness
And what you've done before
Doesn't count any more
I'm hocked on you and that's why I confess


Heaven and hell with Luisa
Nothing goes deeper than loving Luisa
Heaven and hell with Luisa
I know the danger, I'll never leave her
She brings me up when I feel down
Then brings me to the ground#
Heaven and hell with Luisa
Means loving a devil and sometimes an angel

Vers 3:

And when you touch me, Luisa
It can lead to ecstasy
But I can never tell
I could be wrong as well
Then you turn your back on me

Vers 4:

If you were different, Luisa
Maybe I would realise
It is the way you are
That makes me go so far
To stay with you I would pay any price


Heaven and hell with Luisa...

Aus dem Album "Nino" (1984) 

Die deutsche Originalversion dieses Titels heißt "Engel und Teufel, Luisa" und erschien 1983 als Single sowie auf der LP "Junges Blut".

Nach Gehör aufgeschrieben von Kerstin Wilke