It's Hard To Live With A Lie

(Horn-Bernges, Kast/Horn-Bernges, engl.: Bischof)

Vers 1:

You should have told me yourself
That there is somebody else
Don't wanna know, who's that guy
But tell me why did you try
To hide the story from me
It's really hard to believe

Vers 2:

It's not a one night affair
I know it's more that you share
Sure, I was gone for a while
But that was never your style
How could it happen to you
After all we've gone through


It's hard to live with a lie
That's why I must say good bye
And time will tell me, if we both meet again
Maybe we still can be friends
It's hard to live with a lie
I cannot look in your eyes
I feel the sadness whatever I try
We cannot live with a lie

Vers 3:

I think I'll never forget
The good times we'd ever had
For now it's all said and done
I know you don't get me wrong
I mean, you know, it's a risk
Why did you do it like this


It's hard to live with a lie... (fade out)

Nach Gehör aufgeschrieben von Kerstin Wilke
Aus dem Album "Nino" (1984)

Die deutsche Originalversion dieses Titels heißt "Ich kann nicht leben damit" und ist 1984 auf der LP (später CD) "Jenseits von Eden" erschienen.