There's Too Much Blue In Missing You


Vers 1:

Like the leaves falling off the trees
I feel your love is dying for me
You tell me it's not the end
Where is the love that you fore said, you fore said


There's too much blue in missing you
I believe I was a fool
Oh, give us one more try
Yeah, I can't forget
All the love we had
There's too much blue in missing you
Oh, I believe, my heart is true
Your love - slipping away
A little bit every day
You throw it away
In such an easy way

Vers 2:

Look at me, you're the lucky one
Without feelings you can't be strong
Though I call you in the night
I hear your voice, feel you deep inside, deep inside


There's too much blue...

Nach Gehör aufgeschrieben von Kerstin Wilke und Silke Heider
Aus dem Album "Samuraj" (1989)