Time To Recover

(Horn-Bernges/De Angelo, Horn-Bernges, engl.: Mills)

Vers 1:

It isn't easy to recall
The message written on the wall
We close our eyes, so we don't see
The scale of human misery

Vers 2:

One step behind the march of time
We lay our future on the line
We find it all too hard to take
Denying all our past mistakes
But it isn't too late


Time to recover
Make the world over
Time for new love in our hearts
Time to discover
Sister and Brother
Time still to make a new start 
If it isn't too late

Vers 3:

If we could learn from history
The lessons were for all to see
To live in peace instead of hate
With fellowmen both black and white
And it's never too late

Refrain (3x):

Time to recover...

Nach Gehör aufgeschrieben von Kerstin Wilke und Silke Heider
Aus dem Album "Time To Recover" (1985)

Die deutsche Originalversion dieses Titels (original German version) heißt "Zeit für Rebellen" und ist 1984 auf der gleichnamigen LP (später CD) erschienen.