Young Blood

(Horn-Bernges, De Angelo/Horn-Bernges, engl.: Bischof)

Vers 1:

If I go away you'd understand
That I want my freedom in the end
Like an eagle circling in the sky
All alone

Vers 2:

I was feeling tamed with broken wings
Couldn't talk, I couldn't even think
Once I had a heart but it went cold
Like a stone


Young blood
Is in me, and it's making me hot
Young blood
Cannot flow when the locks are all shut
And I don't wanna drown in your river of love
I've been patient too long and enough is enough
Young blood
In my vains and I'm glad that I've got
Young blood

Vers 3:

I will spread my wings, and I will fly
Like an eagle circling in the sky
Staying here would be a waste of time
I'm burning

Vers 4:

Please don't try to hold me back again
Ev'rything you do would be in vain
My decision cannot be a plan
Or warning


Young blood...


There is no return
When the bridge is burned
This time it's for good 
Because I've learned


Young blood... (fade out)

Nach Gehör aufgeschrieben von Kerstin Wilke
Aus dem Album "Nino" (1984)

Die deutsche Originalversion (original German version) dieses Titels heißt "Junges Blut" und ist 1983 auf der gleichnamigen LP erschienen.